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Art Lab Fort Collins is a hands-on, interactive, experimental cooperative art space.

Operated by local innovators, artists, performers and volunteers — the cooperative nature of Art Lab Fort Collins gives creative and cultural-industry individuals a platform to showcase their work. We understand the importance of creatives belonging to a network of peers who promote and support their creativity. Art Lab includes creatives and innovators who have never before shown their work in a gallery or performance setting and participants with established creative careers. Usage “fees” depend on when and how long artists need the space. Because we are a cooperative space, there are plenty of ways to offset the usage fees by doing things like volunteering and performing in the space. Art Lab Fort Collins is more concerned with community than commerce.

Our goal is to have visual artists, performing artists and creative souls of all sorts share the space as much as possible. First Fridays are the most popular days (and book up the fastest), but the space is available every day from 9am to 11pm. We’ll supply the space, you bring the creative energy.

As the first “Pop Up” experimental art space in Northern Colorado, Art Lab has been at the forefront of the burgeoning creative scene in Fort Collins for the last eight years. Supporting a broad and diverse community of artists, musicians, actors,non-profits and creative spirits — the space is regularly used and heavily loved. Our First Friday openings are currently booked through February of 2018.


Art Lab began by turning empty store-fronts into vibrant art-spaces. It transforms good places into unique venues where art can happen. Art Lab is an art space/music venue/gathering place for creativity and innovation, and all the creative folks that go along with it.

Art Lab Fort Collins is a cooperative art, music and performance initiative made for and by the artists and creatives in Fort Collins. Art Lab empowers young and old through access to art, music, theater, dance, through diverse performance and gallery opportunities, workshops, and community activity.

Art Lab is a gathering place.

“Art Lab is a different way of seeing Fort Collins,” says Patty Spencer of Realtec, a commercial real estate company based in Fort Collins.  “It gives art a temporary, flexible home in Old Town.  It literally changes the way you look at a store-front or venue.”

Art Lab is not a traditional gallery or show.  It’s different because its scene is always changing: Art Lab Fort Collins is never the same, it changes with the venue.

Dawn Putney, from Toolbox Creative, says that Art Lab helps showcase and promote creativity in the community.  “Art Lab is an experimental space for art.  It moves, changes shape and pushes boundaries,” she explains.  “It’s a happy surprise for people who wander through the doors.”

Art Lab is the dynamic leading-edge of the creative economy.  It incubates the future of the creative community in Ft. Collins by transforming under-appreciated retail locations into an innovative arts and cultural opportunity.

Art Lab makes it possible for the local creative industry to innovate and experiment on bold new projects.  It revives potential establishments, and inspires current and future entrepreneurs.

Local business owners are excited about Art Lab Fort Collins.  Steve Taylor of Austin’s American Grill, who also owns Art Lab’s first space, says that there only “great reasons” for people to be excited about Art Lab.  “It’s not your typical gallery.  It’s a new creative scene.  It has energy, something that can really get people involved and excited.  I think that it really inspires great and lasting developments in Fort Collins.”

Kevin Beucher, an early support of Art Lab, said it best:

“Art Lab is something that cannot and should not be done alone, the Art Lab is a community project, that was born from friends coming together and is now inviting all to experiment, participate, and create.”

Stop by our current home, 239 Linden Street, Fort Collins, Colorado, and you’ll understand what Art Lab is really all about.

  • Upcoming Events

    • November 19, 2017 9:00 amMatt McHugh Tear Down
    • November 19, 2017 2:00 pmFractal Tribe Acro Yoga
    • November 20, 2017 3:00 pmCompass X
    • November 21, 2017 6:30 pmImprov Jam
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