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Compass Community Collaborative School Afterschool Program – Schedule of Classes

Power of the Pointer – Digital Citizenship for Youth
September 11 – October 2, Mondays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Learn to engage with social media in empowering and positive ways! Participants will learn to tell their own
authentic stories across digital platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter while gaining a knowlege
and awareness of safety, integrity, respect, and responsible interaction in the digital age. $60/4 sessions.
Instructor: Melissa Leavenworth, undergraduate student at Colorado State University*

Me, We, World
October 4 – 25, Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Where do you belong? What is your impact on the world? This course is based on the PeaceJam Leaders
curriculum and designed to guide youth in reflecting on themselves, the groups they belong to, and their role in
the broader community. Activities are engaging and empower young changemakers! $60/4 sessions.
Instructors: Pamela Barker, MA, PT & Jan Harrison, M.Ed., M.Sc., with Kim Pannell, CSU student and PeaceJam Member**

Snow and Ice
November 1 – 22, Mondays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Discover the magic of winter! Explore the science behind snow, water, and ice, climate change, and the seasons.
Learn winter survival and avalanche basics too! $60/4 sessions.
Instructor: Kelly Elder, research hydrologist with the US Forest Service***

Register now at – only 15 spots available!
Classes meet at the ArtLab, 239 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO.

ArtLab is a cooperative art space that supports innovative, creative, and community endeavors.
CompassX thanks them for their vision and generous support.

*Melissa is pursuing degrees in psychology and journalism at CSU. After gaining foundational knowledge in both fields, she realized the need for healthier media consumption practices. She created this course, with youth in mind, to teach intentional online habits that stand to benefit mental and physical well-being.

**Pamela is a parent and student coach, and a specialist in Social and Emotional Learning and Restorative Conflict Resolution. She has facilitied PeaceJam sessions for several years and is passionate about teaching a new generation of Changemakers.

**Jan has been a high school educator for fourteen years and has worked with youth in other formal and informal capacities for more than twenty years. She is a trained facilitator in PeaceJam leadership and is also the Executive Director of Compass Community Colalborative School.

***Kelly has taught students of all ages from K-12, university and beyond, including senior scientists, and European and North American first nation and Native American communities. He has worked on snow, ice, and water issues all over the globe but hasn’t made it to Mars yet! He is aresearch hydrologist with the US Forest Service, faculty affiliate at CSU, and is lead scientist for the Fraser Experimental Forest.


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The Art Lab gets a Facelift


City of Fort Collins’ Arts Space gets a ‘Facelift’

Remodel of one of the city’s beloved arts’ spaces underway.

SUMMER 2017 — Kicked off with an art sale on August 22nd, which raised $600 for the Art Lab Fort Collins, conveniently located at 239 Linden St. where art pieces, and supplies from the private collection of local artist and philanthropist Arthur Schumaker, were sold at discounted prices to students and townspeople alike. The event, titled: ‘Facelift’ and coordinated by Mari Bonhomme and Kenny Iwasa, ran from 4-10 P.M. supporting music acts including FoCoMX and Scene Magazine’s recognized ‘Band to Watch’ the Symbols, FoCoMx9’s The Kity Project, and fusion/jam band Aloysious. Fundraising efforts will continue through the months of August and September.

A gracious donation of materials, labor, community support and bathroom fixtures is being donated by Dohn Construction, Inc. valued at around $2000 completes the project, with trendy stained concrete floors being installed in early September, just in time for the start of Fall classes. These classes which include yoga, turntablism, after-school kids’ activities, and art workshops are a center of the burgeoning arts and music scene in Downtown Fort Collins’ Creative District, and an incubator for many of the city’s most recognized artists over the years.
About the supplier: Dohn Construction, Inc. is a commercial construction management firm based in Fort Collins, CO. Founded in 1992, Dohn Construction has served as a valuable resource to its clients and partners in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Dohn recently completed the highly anticipated Uncommon Apartments in Old Town, a high end solution for Fort Collins’ student and young professional housing shortage. A carpenter on the Uncommon project, and lead contractor on the Art Lab remodel comments: ‘‘Doug and Connie care so much about this company and the local community. We’re very excited about this opportunity to give back to such an important space for artists in our city’’. For more information about Dohn’s other projects, visit or call Jamie Hammond at 970.495.1855.

 What exactly is the Art Lab? Art Lab Fort Collins is a hands-on, interactive, experimental cooperative art space operated by local innovators, artists, performers and volunteers. The cooperative nature of Art Lab Fort Collins gives creative and cultural-industry individuals a platform to showcase their work. We understand the importance of creatives belonging to a network of peers who promote and support their creativity. Art Lab includes creatives and innovators who have never before shown their work in a gallery or performance setting and participants with established creative careers. Usage “fees” depend on when and how long artists need the space. Because we are a cooperative space, there are plenty of ways to offset the usage fees by doing things like volunteering and performing in the space. Art Lab Fort Collins is more concerned with community than commerce.

The goal of the Art Lab is to have visual artists, performing artists and creative souls of all sorts share the space as much as possible. First Fridays are the most popular days (and book up the fastest), but the space is available everyday from 9am to 11pm.


  • Dohn Construction to graciously fund/ execute interior remodeling efforts.

  • Local artist Arthur Schumaker donated his entire private collection to fund Art Sale for ‘Facelift’ event.

  • Local carpenter James Greene heads up the biggest part of the project, the floor remodel, currently scheduled for the second week in September.

  • Local Event Coordinator Mari Bonhomme (the Summer 2017 Art Lab Coordinator), Production/Event manager Kenny Iwasa and Artist and Promotions Coordinator Sage Helperman are putting together a 2 part art/performance showcase entitled ‘Facelift’ (Parts I & II) 100% of proceeds to benefit the remodel project

  • The Art Lab serves as an open space for artists, musicians, classes, and sponsors Pop Up Art Carts in Old Town Square each weekend

About the philanthropist: Arthur Schumaker was born in Rockford, Ill, USA and spent some of my early life in a brilliantly colored tropical island environment and spiritual energy, which is reflected, in my work. I have been painting with acrylic for over 20 years and I am still finding new ways to use color. Have worked with several galleries since 2007. Arthur states ‘In 2017 I am developing new work that will have a Colorado western theme’. Arthur also designs and retails silk scarves, which are available for order on his website

Want to Get Involved in the Fundraiser or Book the Calendar? Check us out on social media @artlabfc, or the web at
Media Contact: Mari Bonhomme



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Fractal Tribe Acro Yoga comes to the Art Lab

Want to add to your yoga routine or try something new? Try Acro Yoga! 

Acro yoga instructor Jes Schultz has been practicing yoga since 1998 and practicing acro yoga since 2008. Jes has a combined 18 years teaching experience in gymnastics, dance, yoga, acrobatics, and physical education. She is licensed in the state of Colorado in K-12 Dance and PE, has a master of Science degree in Sport Pedagogy, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, and a YTT-200 certificate. Jes is grateful to continue on a journey of sharing light, love, and passion for movement as an instructor at The Art Lab and founder/producer of circus troupe Fractal Tribe Fort Collins.


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Pop Up Art Carts: Music in the Square

Music in Old Town Square: ‘Sounds Sessions’

Shawn Campbell, one of our longest running Pop Up Art Cartists!

Signup on the SignUp Genius!

Are you a musician interested in playing sets during Pop Up Art Carts in the Square on Sundays this summer? Send us a sample of your music to be considered for a PUAC ‘Session’. We are hosting musicians playing family friendly music Sundays in Old Town and some Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for free, to get our local musicians exposure, and create a nice atmosphere for our Pop Up Art Carts!

Here’s how it works:

1) Send a MP3 or WAV download link of your music or a link to videos to Youtube videos are great as well!

2) Upon acceptance, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and are good to sign up for a few (two) spots to play!

3) Market yourself! Post on the PUAC FB page, Art Lab FB page. Bring business cards, a small sign and a comfy chair. 

4) Arrive on time and play during only your time slot. Please remember to keep songs family friendly and positive. The goal is to bring more folks around to the Art Carts! 

*NOTE: This is a free event to gain exposure by playing in the Square and assist our cARTists with ambiance. Keep tunes relatively family-friendly. If you would like amplified sound, please drop a check or cash to the Art Lab Coordinator at Toolbox Creative or to the Downtown Development Authority office marked ‘Pop Up Art Carts electrical’ atleast 24 hours BEFORE your set time(s) and you can set up on either side of the stage or by one of the posts. 

For questions call The Art Lab @ 970-829-1953.


You may only sign up for a time if you have been approved by the Art Lab Coordinator. *Please remember to remove all your materials before leaving the Square. Tag us and yourself on social media! #PopUpArtCarts #SundaySessions #ThursdaySessions #MusicintheSquare

How do I pay to turn on the electricity in Old Town? You can pay by dropping a check or cash labelled ‘Pop Up Art Carts’ and your date to the Downtown Development Authority at 19 Old Town Square  at least 24 hours before your scheduled time to play. If you want to just play accoustically, no worries! Just beware sound tends to not travel around the fountains. 

Can I use the stage? You may set up on the stage. Near the front is better! You will have access to the power on stage and along the sides in the plaza area. You will not have access to the hanging speakers on the stage. 

What should I bring? You need to bring your own PA system or amp. A friend with a camera is great. Some folks dress up to make themselves stand out from the crowd, or have a sign. 

Can I busk? You ARE allowed to busk in the Square! Put a hat, guitar case, or jar out labelled donations. Often our cartists donate to you as well, they LOVE to have musicians out there! 

What should I say? Please make sure to mention your project name, that you are playing for free and take donations, and that you are out supporting the Pop Up Art Carts. Our tagline is ‘Buy local art, direct from the artists’, so that’s helpful to mention as well. 

Can I take breaks? These sessions are pretty laid back and self-managed, just like our Pop Up Art Carts. You may take bathroom breaks as needed. Public bathrooms are conveniently located down Trimble Alley next to the Yeti.

Where can I park or unload my stuff? If you are playing for us, you may use 15 minute parking spaces to unload or anywhere in Old Town with the striped loading zone signs for up to 15 minutes. Alot of folks like to park on College near Wolverine book farm and take the shortcut up Trimble Alley to get into the Plaza. Then you must use regular parking for up to 2 hours. You may not park in private spaces or behind the Art Lab. 

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Pop Up Art Carts this week!

Labor Day Weekend Carts! with music by Melvin Fertig & Bruce Hoppe

Bruce Hoppe Singer/Songwriter Genre: Americana/Roots 

Guitar, vocals, harmonica


Plays the Stage Sunday, from 1:30-3P






Friday, Sept 1: Gallery Walk Downtown!

Kristen Vohs 

Jessica Wawiorka

Luna and Laurels Hand Embroidery
Angela Thoresen 

Screendoor studios/henna by Angela
Minnie Lippiatt 

Minnies Art Studio

Saturday Sept 2: Wear Costumes for Tour de Fat

Kristen Vohs 

Denise Itule 

Itule Inspirations
Jessica Wawiorka

Luna and Laurels Hand Embroidery

Sunday Sept 3: Americana Music in the Plaza

Kristen Vohs 

Aiyanna Martinez 

Doodles, sketches, and sometimes art
Jessica Wawiorka

Luna and Laurels Hand Embroidery

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