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H2O: OpenStage Theatre Etcetera

Only one weekend remains of OpenStage Theatre’s ‘Brilliant’ Production of H20! Shows Fri & Sat 8P. 

Review from the Art Lab: 

Openstage’s H20′ is, like its name, a necessarily refreshing drink of realness in this summer’s theatre expositions in Northern Colorado. Not to give away the ending, this one-act play highlights an integral issue of our modern world in an alternatingly witty, endearing and tragic look into life, love, and what it means to BE. There were moments when the intimacy of the setting, and the characters very real interactions with the audience had you wanting to reach out to them; offer a hug, some moral support–others left the audience completely in tears.

There were bursts of pure human recognition, joy, the ineffable quality of Teal Jandrain (Deborah)’s  stupendous portrayal of a character seemingly without doubt, followed by the sage, but dark reality that lies within all of us so beautifully portrayed by  Kiernan Angley (Jake)’s character. Both actors in this gripping drama masterfully take you on a rollercoaster of love, betrayal, and internal questioning that had me walking the long way round Old Town before my next engagement, wondering at my own past and the quality of how much fear, loyalty, and my personal beliefs affect my own life.

This work is not to be separated into genres or from the closeness of the audience that becomes such a necessary part of the story itself. It stands alone as an amalgamation of the best facets of small-setting theatre, unapologetically real, touching, and deep. Staging was light, and the music was poignant, keeping the focus on its two person cast. This is an excellent piece for students, playwrights and actors themselves looking for something different, and really anyone who wants to learn something cuttingly deep about their own beliefs in fate and the power of love and friendship. It was brilliant. It left me speechless. ‘

                                                        –Mari Bonhomme, Art Lab Coordinator (2017)

About H20: 

In the next installment of their Etcetera Season, OpenStage Theatre presents H2O, a glimpse into America’s culture war written by Jane Martin. Performances will run every Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm from May 12 through May 27.

This one act play follows Jake, a young actor who stumbled into stardom as a mute superhero in a blockbuster Hollywood trilogy. Disillusioned with sleazy celebrity culture, Jake accepts the lead role in a Broadway production of Hamlet. Despite his noticeably lacking stage experience, Jake the celebrity superhero is tasked with casting his lead counterpart: Ophelia.

He decides his Hamlet needs Deborah, an evangelical Christian actress whom he meets praying in a hospital. Deborah’s conservative views and dedication to divine service juxtaposed with Jake’s casual foul mouth and self loathing unwind the tenuous relationship between the sacred and the profane in American culture.

Like Hamlet, Jake struggles to be or not to be and, like Ophelia, Deborah is determined to save him.

H2O is Chris Lanphear’s directorial debut. He has been a part of OpenStage Theatre since 2001, working as the Assistant Director for Superior Donuts and the Production Manager and Videographer for Rent.

OpenStage’s Etcetera Season presents “raw, real, honest, and intimate cutting-edge theatre in non-traditional spaces.” Their small, intimate settings draw audience members into the story, creating a powerful, unforgettable experience.

H20 will run every Friday and Saturday from May 12 through May 27 inside Art Lab. You can purchase tickets at


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Organized Tension

From the Designer: On Creating a World in Fiber

“There used to be an uncomfortable tension between art and craft. That pressure has since dissipated and been replaced with a new tension – that between art and design. Arguably art and design have different objectives, however I am interested in how they can be the same. Design is becoming less and less about simply displaying information in a visually stimulating way, and more about user experience, empathy and psychology. Being interested in both Fiber Art and Graphic Design, I want to explore how that user experience can be heightened by art, and how design can inspire and grow from roots founded in art.

Organized Tension is about exploring the differences and similarities between art and design. It is an exploration of how fiber can be a vehicle for self-expression and discovery while also doing a practical job such as keeping its owner warm or decorating its owner’s home. It is important that my work first asks what its user, owner or audience with require of it and primarily fills that functional need. Secondary to that I strive to fulfill the owner’s desire for beauty and aesthetic appeal, although in many cases beauty and functionality are one in the same. Third, each piece contains some idea, some personal thought or event that inspired its creation. My work is rarely successful unless these three work in tandem. ”

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Humans, Nature and Healing

Photographer Tawney Summers is inspired and also disturbed by humans’ separation from nature in our current world. Her gallery pairs photography she took of friends and also poetry to capture the bizarre contrast between humans and animals. Tawney is amazed at how much life proves to her that humans are connected to each other, nature and the world around us in ways that will never be fully understood, but she believes that once we accept and pour love into this connection, we will experience profound discoveries, healing and peace. This event is an art gallery but also a community collaboration event where people can come, be themselves and meet new people. There will be a community chalk wall, kids’ corner and a swap station. Come connect!

Saturday Oct 1

10am FoCo’s Best Cup O’ Joe contest. Pay $2 and do a blind taste testing of coffee from all over Fort Collins. Who will be dubed the best cup of coffee in the city? You decide. Event is a fundraiser for The Teaching Tree of Fort Collins.

The gallery will be closed from 12-2 to enjoy World Hoop Day.

Gallery will open again from 3:00Pm-7:00Pm. Please come hang out! Bring an instrument and we can have a jam session or just talk! Let’s bring the community together to make new friends!

Sunday Oct 2 

Gallery opens at 10am.

1pm-3pm cookie decorating kid’s party hosted by Jenna Gooley! Bring your little ones to play and decorate cookies. 3:30pm FREE acro yoga by Live Beyond Limit hosted by Jes and Sean.

Monday Oct 3 

Gallery open from 5pm-8pm for an international potluck! Bring food that means something to you like a family recipe or traditional dish and make some friends! Bring a way to keep your food hot or cold.

Tuesday Oct 4th

Gallery open from 4:30-6:30 for kid’s play time.


Wednesday Oct 5th

Gallery open from 5-8 for open mic. Come bring poetry, music, speeches, anything and share it with the world! 

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Sky Boundaries

We are an open group of self-representing artists residing in the Rocky Mountains. Expanding perception, erasing limitation, and creating possibilities is our goal. Please join us for First Friday on Sept. 2nd!  Hours will be Thursdays 6-9pm, Fridays 3-10pm, and Saturdays 12-10pm.  Other times TBA. For a preview of artists please visit 

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Create Tomorrow Presents: Summer Youth Gallery

Create Tomorrow Presents: Summer Youth Gallery

The Create Tomorrow Mission:

Create Tomorrow was built on the belief that everybody has creativity waiting to be expressed, but aspiring young artists have a disadvantage in showing it, due to the lack of facilities inhibiting this in our community. This organization will provide a safe place for young artists to learn about collaboration and participating in a business, while showing their art to the community, among other work made by artists in a similar situation. Create Tomorrow longs to be the facility that bridges the gap between creativity and society. 

Artists 18 and under will be displaying their visual and literary artwork in the show. Some works will be for sale in the form of a silent auction! Come support the artists and the Make-A-Wish® Foundation! 

The Youth Gallery will be open June 12-26, 2016 from 11 am to 5 pm. 

To Learn More Visit:

Special Events

As of now, we have two special events being planned during the show. These are the gallery reception and the closing show.

     The reception will take place on Sunday, June 19th from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M at the Art Lab, Fort Collins. During the reception, we ask all artists to come. Parents and supporters are welcome throughout the time. We ask for donations of food and drinks to add to what we will have. There will be a Make-A-Wish® representative here, so anyone attending can talk to both the artists and the representative. Special donations will be accepted, as well as bids placed on the artwork. The pieces of art will not be given to the highest bidder until the closing show.

     The closing celebration will be on Sunday, June 26th from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M at the Art Lab. We ask all bidders and artists to attend, as the highest bidders on each piece will be announced here. There will be snacks and drinks offered, but we also ask for attendees to bring light foods or drinks, if possible. A Make-A-Wish® representative will also attend, to talk with the guests. Special donations toward Make-A-Wish® and Create Tomorrow will be accepted and greatly appreciated!

     We hope to see you at the shows, as well as in the daily gallery!

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Khi’s Kreations: Art Show

Khi’s Kreations: Art Show


Fort Collins Downtown Art Walk is becoming a popular night out on the town for locals!

Please join us at the Art Lab June 3rd for the art opening of Khi’s Kreations from 6-9pm.

Khaira Waite is a local artist with many different subjects and styles. Her work consists of mostly paintings depicting nature and the beauty she finds in it. Working with a lot of landscapes, Khaira contrasts her natural settings with an overlay of psychedelic stylistic shapes and pattern.

***other local artists will be showcasing their hand crafted goods displaying jewelry, dreamcatchers, paintings and drawings.

Khi’s Kreations will run from June 3rd to June 10th

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Glass & Visual Art Show

Glass & Visual Art Show

Group Exhibition Friday Night Only!

MAY 28th from 6-10pm

Come see an array of hand crafted glass pieces created by local artists

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Children’s Creativity Camps

Children’s Creativity Camps

GREAT CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY for your children this summer!

“Creativity leads to innovation. Learning how to be innovative is the most important skill a child can develop for success in the future. Creating Together works to inspire success for today and tomorrow by helping children develop a love of learning through creative opportunities. Using creative activities to engage imagination, we empower children to be inspired–developing self-esteem and the innovative skills needed for success in school and beyond. ”  –Julie Smith director of Creating Together

The Art Lab is glad to host “Creativity Camps” this summer with Art Educator Julie Smith.

Camps are age appropriate for 7-13 year olds.

Children will explore weekly themes in: Nature, Architecture, Science, Travel, Dreams, Movement, Comic Books, Music and Group Projects!

First Class Starts MAY 31st

Register now at


Director of Creativity, Julie Smith, has over twenty years of experience as an educator and artist. She is passionate about bringing creative opportunities to every child, as she firmly believes in the importance of individual expression in education.

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BFA Art Exhibition with: Taylor Heir, David Kruk, and Emelia Christensen



also open from 3 to 6 pm Sunday May 22, 2016

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Church of Earth

Church of Earth

Calling all human beings! 

Church of Earth is an experiential art installation exploring human spirituality and planetary unity. It is designed to cultivate truth, magic, community, & healing in our world, and to empower positive change for the individual and the collective. 

The show runs April 15th – 24th, with an opening gathering on Friday, the 15th from 7-10pm.  

Artworks, concept, & design by Rachel Becker.



For more information, contact:

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