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Marketing for Newer Artists

We get quite a few questions here at the ArtLab about how a small, independent local artists can “get their stuff out there”. As a free-for-the-public-use space, the Art Lab on Linden Street is a great place to incubate your art project before sending as a submission to local galleries. The advantage of the space is it is a totally blank canvas, allowing all our artists to do what they want with the multipurpose room! We have a PA system for your music, moveable lighting, can do hanging installations, and movable tables, blocks and chairs so you can set up how you like!

Summers we are also featuring Pop Up Art Carts during Bohemian Nights’ concerts in Old Town, and on Sundays, so local artists who want to get their names out there can set up their presence! To get on our Calendar or schedule a walk-through scheduled for your event, please see our “Use ArtLab” tab on the top of the website.

As for your self marketing needs? Check out our list of helpful tools below:

Business Cards

We do recommend local artists have business cards for Art Carts or shows, you never know who is a potential customer! There are any number of inexpensive self-design services online where you can create, order, or print your own business cards for showcases.


Build your own using free site builders like, WordPress, or Squarespace. These are easy and offer a ton of tutorials as well.

Hire a professional for a cleaner, more professional look and make sure your domain and hosting are set up correctly.

ArtLab is managed by Toolbox Creative, Llc a recognized local business of design excellence, and can help with more sophisticated designs needs, such as for larger organizations, management companies, venues, and offers both print and web needs.

Social Media

It’s 2017! You’ve got to have a Facebook page for your business! Check out the step-by-step guide here: Create a Facebook Page

Post weekly updates of your artwork on Instagram and Twitter for better responses. Shares DO convert into sales.

Online Stores

Artist housing and print manufacturing websites like and enable you to sell your wares on different materials, prints, etc. and handle shipping, taxes, and finding customers for you! Make your art more accessible.

Word of Mouth

Nothing beats a good face-to-face meeting! Most artists’ commissions and sales come from people they know directly or indirectly, so get out there!

Pop Up Art Carts in town offer a good space to meet new people, sell your stuff, and just have a good time checking out other artists each weekend.

And as always, if you have questions about using Art Lab or one of our rallies or First Fridays, please e-mail us at

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