Scratch Massive

Scratch Massive is a gathering place for DJs, audiophiles and heads to share in the culture of turntables, mixers and vinyl. Fort Collins has a rich DJ history but turntablism needs its own community and the Art Lab is our gracious host.  Free admission. All skill levels welcome. 6-9pm January 26th. Open decks for DJs [...]

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Sage Helperman

January 6th through the 14th Sage Helperman is a multifaceted artist and live painter hailing from the Colorado region. His work has been featured at the Art Lab, City Hall Denver, The Alley Cat Cafe, Medicine for the Movement Festival, the Artists' Association of Northern Colorado Gallery, The Community Creative Center of Fort Collins, and [...]

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Skeletal Warp

Alexa Graham & Erin Bolte December 12th through the 18th Erin Bolte is a fiber artist that works on the minimalist side of the spectrum while expanding on the beauty of simple forms. Her simple structures and delicate surface designs work together to form powerful compositions _____________________________________ Alexa Graham is a fiber artist that utilizes [...]

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