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The body of work is a celebration of life. Every still life has captured a moment in time and depicts the story of a milestone in a person’s life. Whether it may be a celebration of an engagement, blossoming into womanhood, or the anticipation of summer these oil paintings captures that moment in time. All of the pieces are light hearted and joyous and are meant to be enjoyed with a loved one. Some of the titles speak for themselves and others will make you squeal in delight.


November 13th: Set up

November 14th: Show hangs from 11am to 1pm

November 15th: Show hangs from 11am to 1pm and then continues from 6pm to 8pm

November 16th: Show hangs from 11am to 5pm

November 17th: Show hangs from 11am to 5pm

Tear down starts after 5pm November 17th.