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— Presented by Ingrid Dittrich

Colorado resembles the city where I was born, Medellin, Columbia. Medellin is all about renewable energy, useful public transportation, and urban renewal, including art, graffiti, and expressions of color and style. The non-profit Urban Land Institute named Medellin the most innovative city in the world.

My home now is Colorado. Watching my girls grow in this beautiful state inspired my art expression through the years. I had the opportunity to meet renewable energy engineers and holistic healers. I respectfully appreciate Marihuana as a powerful healing plant. I began to explore quantum physics which inspired quantum love art. Colorado is to me the state of progress, creativity, advancement, and renewable energy technology, including the basics and purpose of such environmentally activities like composting!

My art is all what Colorado presents to me, is my home, and the home of so many that make this the sweetest place on earth. I honor with my art all that Colorado is and will be, with every idea and love in every single brush stroke in the name of all the diverse people that work and serve for the good of all.