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Inner Dialogue

4/28 – 5/1 from 6-9 pm

Inner Dialogue is a collection of tableaux collages meant to speak to the different ways we view
ourselves and the way we all speak to ourselves in our head. For Bailey, there are 4 distinct parts
of herself that are in constant conflict:

  1. The truest form of herself. This is the her that fights against the other parts of herself. The
    main consciousness.
  2. A people pleaser
  3. Perfectionism
  4. Depression

All four of these parts are played by Bailey in all her pieces. She photographs them all separately
and then collages them together in photoshop to create photographic narratives. The
personification of these aspects of herself has helped her in many ways. It’s helped these
conversations become easier for her to have and easier to win.

The artist’s hope is for other people will relate to and see themselves in this work. Maybe these
pieces will help other people the way they’ve helped her. At the very least, she hopes they will
make others feel less alone in their inner conflicts.

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