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May we never take for granted the miracle of life. The very cells that make up each and everything. All that matters. All that is possible. Learn to love and respect each and every fiber of existence. It all plays an importance in this delicate web of life. To remember the beauty that is your own life. How you apply to this magnificent string of occurrences happening around the globe and universe. How beautiful it is to cherish the smallest moment in it all. See it for everything it is, see it for everything it is not. To understand and respect the current place for which everything is in. To be totally accepting of the present. To love it all the same.

This is finding alignment for oneself. How sacred is this Earth, the place we get to exist in.

We need to love and take care of this beautiful home we have. To respect life is to cherish life all the same. And to create from nothing is one of the most auspicious things. So may you enjoy the essence of art. May you find those pieces that speak to you in volume and subtly. To communicate through imagination. And to love, of course to love, oh so love. For when it’s gone, it’s a wallow. So… may we find ways to keep our souls full.

I hope one day you can understand the weight of the words I say
I hope one day you can see the connections I represent
I hope one day you can fulfill life with all the art possible
I hope one day this is all transcribed with no words at all
May my love bleed through first and last

Love, B

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