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If you’re new to (or curious about) the profound healing power of a Cacao Ceremony, and/or a Gong Sound Journey, this collaborative offering is a MUST!

Commonly known as what makes chocolate, Cacao, when consumed in it’s pure form and prepared as a ceremonial drink, benefits not only the physical body, but most profoundly, the energetic body.

In Ceremony, Lady Cacao gently provides a deeper connection to the emotional self; whereby, expanding the energetic heart center. Guided meditation invites a deeper inquiry, giving Lady Cacao the opportunity to individually share what is needed to clear energetic blockages from, and/or to magnify what is alive in the HEART.

So, why are Lady Cacao and Sacred Planetary Gongs such a powerful combination? The simple answer is contained in the healing potential of my Venus Gong! Known as a block clearer, one of the healing abilities of Venus (the Goddess of Love) is to assist in the repair of fractures in the 4th (or Heart) chakra. Venus’s vibration goes to work to loosen and release blocks that can stop us from receiving an abundance of all good things, and when played in unison with my Earth Gong, offers insight to what’s needed for deeper healing!

Please join Elizabeth Peters (Shamanic Apprentice and owner of ESPJyoti), Lisa Rae Eaton (Yoga Instructor and owner of Wild Nature Yoga), and myself, Rich Gentile, (Gong Master and owner of Vibrantly Alive Sounds & Wellness) in this sure to be extraordinary Journey INTO the HEART!

Offered on Friday, September 28th at the Art Lab Fort Collins, the ceremony will be a 2 hour experience commencing with arrival between 6:30-6:45PM, and experience beginning at 7:00PM. Investment is $35 for those who reserve spots in advance, and $45 for those who prefer to be spontaneous and show up that day.