Hi Dawn and Art Lab Network,

I have enjoyed having Art Lab as a neighbor. Each weekend brought a different creative spark. The public strolling by, often asked me what was going on. As self appointed tour guide, it was fun to explain the concept. From the beginning of the” paint by number community painting “and having Dawn’s typewriter available for jotting off a poem, it is something that will bring people together wherever you pop up. The most often asked question became,”When are they going to open”? The activity was intriguing. Teachers, students, artists , musicians, and all seemed to get a sense of possibilities, potential and hope!! The best was when the Horn Band played outside on a hot day.That made people smile. It was amazing to see what your crew came in and accomplished, fixing up the place. It really was a blight and your group really gave it vibrance.There is a great unity to see such devoted volunteers and to realize the support the building owners have extended. Thank you to your collaborators.

Kate Wegrzyn
Owner of Mother Lode Gallery and Boutique BRAVO!
136 West Mountain Ave.
(next door neighbor to Art Lab #1)

The art show was a huge success! We had 120 people sign the guest book, and maybe a few more came in. Our three day show sold 64 pieces and raised  almost  $3,500 to Project Self Sufficiency.   This is my private fundraiser for them.  Art Lab made it possible. Thanks for making the space available, so I could sell my photos without paying any fees. It all goes to this very fine local non profit organization.   We had a great time- and it was fun.

Marty Tharp
Art Lab Coordinator