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We invite you to take the time for a holiday breather.

The breath allows for deep exploration into the body and mind.
Breath is the most accessible mode of transportation into self awareness. To release trauma we must breathe. To live we must breathe. To rest the flight or flight response we must breathe. We must slow down, be humble and breathe. We control our actions during stress by breathing. Breathe Mindfully.

Breathwork can activate you. Where you may feel heavy or burdened breathwork can lighten and release. We hope you join us in this safe space to release and revive your self.

Suggested things to bring: Yoga mat, blanket or sheet, blindfold (will be available), water, journal, essential oil, healthy snack.

Suggested donation $10-$35
no one will be turned away for lack of payment.

Cost of event will also go towards a donation to ArtLab.

Paypal – paypal.me/AlmaBlackburn or alma.l.blackburn@gmail.com