Review your approved contract for set up days and times and general usage guidelines.

How to leave Art Lab better than you found it:

Please review your signed contract for set up days and times, and for general usage guidelines.

  • When setting up and tearing down, please be courteous of our neighbors. Avoid hammering on the walls or be gentle; we don’t want to disturb anyone or knock things off their walls.
  • Replace toilet paper/paper towels/cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Clean the bathroom well (even if the people before did not).
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Take out trash and recycling after EVERY use — the dumpster is directly behind the sushi joint.
  • The back room and equipment in it must be organized neatly, as you found it (hopefully). Use your best instinct and the golden rule: if the Art Lab coordinator is going to have to spend time cleaning up the back room after you leave, you will be charged.
  • Keep things in back sorted – stack chairs, store pedestals in back, etc.
  • Please do not put the standing wall in the back room.
  • No equipment may prevent people from moving freely about the back room or block access to shelves.
  • Patch and paint over any holes you created in the walls.
  • Please remember to have the space cleaned out by the time agreed upon in your contract.
  • Please double check that you have cleaned the bathroom (your Mom does not work at Art Lab)!!