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Brian Raftery is graduating this semester as a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Concentrations in Graphic Design and Printmaking. Here is a statement from the artist regarding their capstone show:

My work as a printmaker is centered around my fascination with the overlaps between the digital and analog world. Technology is something that I grew up with in a way that the generations that came before me didn’t. My relationship with this technology has shaped me in very complex ways, and analyzing this connection has inspired me to create work that references nostalgic imagery associated with the computers of the 2000’s. My process involves the digital manipulation of this imagery that I am able to deconstruct even more through post-digital processes (like cyanotype and laser-engraved wood or stone). The manipulation of this imagery through various methods is representative of the human experience in several different ways. While the works presented in this show have very personal meanings for me, I invite the audience to attach their own meanings to the works.

The show will begin at 6PM on Wednesday, May 3rd and will be open until 9PM. Any updates regarding opening festivities or anything else related to the show will be posted on Brian’s instagram: @hellionstudios

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