Pop Up Art Cart guidelines and resources

Interested in becoming a Pop Up Art Cart artist? Want to sell your art on the street hassle-free and commission-free? Exxxxxxcellent! There are a few rules of the game to keep us out of trouble and assure everything runs smoothly. Here’s what you need to know:

Join the Pop Up Art Cart Movement

Join us. You’ll need some art, a cart and the passion to sell your work. After some quick training and a smooth approval process, you’ll be ready to hit the streets. Participants are hand selected based on quality, innovation, and originality. New artists will be added throughout the Art Cart season.

Sign up. Display your official Pop Up Art Cart artist sign on your cart at all times. This will let our friends at the city know you’re one of us, keep you out of trouble and let buyers know they’re getting some quality art.

Cart your cart. Your cart must be portable, non-motorized and fit through the door at Art Lab. We do not have room to store carts, so you’ll need to store your own cart.

Power in numbers. At least three Pop Up Art Cart artists must be on the street at any given time. Coordinate with Art Lab and your fellow artists.

Hold your ground. Be sure to pop your cart up only in designated areas. When you sign up, we’ll let you know where you can go.

Pop Up Art Cart Application

Set up an art business entity.

Setting Up Your Legal Business: If you are brand new to selling art, check out the Small Business Association’s website for information on setting up your business.

You’ll need an Federal Tax ID for your art business (also called an EIN). You can get your EIN online in minutes, here.

You’re in business! Prepare the sales tax forms you’ll need.

Pay your sales tax. Art Lab does not take commissions and we don’t handle transactions, so you’ll need to obtain a sales tax license and remit your own city and state sales tax. You only pay sales tax when you sell stuff, so it’s a good deal. Consult your tax professional and other Pop Up artists for help. Keep your sales tax license with you when selling from your cart. Here are some helpful links:

More information:
Fort Collins sales tax | Colorado sales tax

Fort Collins temporary/event retail sales tax application
| Colorado sales tax license application

PUAC Old Town Square

How to succeed at Pop Up Art Carting

Be nice and friendly. This is an art-loving town and people should be happy to see you and your art. Engage people warmly, not aggressively. Learn how to gauge who might be interested and who’s just passing by.

Talk about your work. People love to buy art directly from the artists and they want to know the story behind the art. The more you talk about your work, the better you’ll be at selling it.

Have a handout. If people are interested but not ready to buy, don’t let them leave empty-handed. Offer them a postcard or business card. Direct them to your website and social media presence.

Spot the tourist! Fort Collins is the best place to visit on earth. Visitors buy stuff to remember their trip. What better memento than a little piece of Fort Collins art from a genuine Fort Collins artist? Share your love of the city. Recommend things to do, places to see and art to buy.

Experiment. This is an amazing opportunity to research your market. If your art does not sell well, don’t give up. Consider experimenting with style, subject matter, size, pricing and time of day. Learn what works and adjust accordingly.

Help each other. We’re all in this together, so help out your fellow artists. Share what’s worked and what hasn’t. Be a part of the conversation and help make Pop Up Art Carts massively successful. Join the Facebook group.

Old Town Square Rules and Regulations

  1. Do not drive or park vehicles onto Old Town Square or adjacent sidewalks. Please plan to bring your items in by hand or by cart. This includes vending carts. Please unload from on-street parking or alley access.
  2. Portable generators are not permitted.
  3. All tents must have a tent weight on each leg.
  4. Approved Pop Up Art Carts, tables, chairs or other furniture may be placed only within designated areas.
  5. No decor, signage, or installations maybe tied, taped, nailed, pinned or otherwise attached to buildings, trees, light posts, furniture, and/or any other property in Old Town Square. All approved decor, signage and installations must be removed without damage to any such property at the conclusion of each event.
  6. Marking of any type (i.e., chalk, paint, etc.) on hardscape in Old Town Square is prohibited.
  7. Respect the grounds, flowers, plans, and structures that create Old Town Square.
  8. No candles are allowed in Old Town Square.
  9. Event and vending equipment must not be left unattended at any time.
  10. Effective January 1, 2016, smoking is not permitted in Old Town Square.

DIY Websites for Artists

Art Lab and Pop Up Art Carts hosted a DIY Websites for Artists ArtBiz workshop at the Downtown Artery. If you missed it, you can see the highlights by viewing this presentation.

Sales Feedback Form

We are asking all artists to complete a sales feedback form to report sales after every outing. Please fill out this form that will enable us to track the progress of Pop Up Art Carts.


Reach out to us with any questions at [email protected].