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Come see a cacophony of brand new original Slouch and Grouch sketches, solos, and devised scenes that are enhanced by short films and projections in this 60 minute show. This multimedia circus is the next step in Slouch and Grouch’s discovery of the world through media and a magic Universal Remote Control and marks the first of many collaborations between the duo and Fort Collin’s talented community of filmmakers.

What’s with these clowns? Slouch and Grouch are a comic duo that split from a single clown cell and are on a hilarious quest to discover what it means to be human. Think Laurel and Hardy or Ren and Stimpy power and creative dynamic. Between murder clowns and kids’ birthday clowns they exist on the spectrum. However, Slouch and Grouch is for people of all ages. They are new to the world and their innocence as they navigate life on earth is funny and moving. Slouch and Grouch subvert gender norms, comment on social conventions, and shake up the notions we’ve taken for granted. Most importantly, they are a slice of distilled humanity with all its flaws, desires, and pettiness but with all its grace and beauty as well. They have their own language. They approach everything with wonder and, hopefully, make the audience see things from a different perspective. Don’t be fooled by how cute this sounds, they also are violent, scary, and cruel at times, like real people! With a DIY seat-of-the-pants and skin-of-the-teeth energy, the creators of Slouch and Grouch love to collaborate with makers of all kinds to create devised, original multimedia performances. Come see what we’ve done this time!