January 6th through the 14th

Sage Helperman is a multifaceted artist and live painter hailing from the Colorado region. His work has been featured at the Art Lab, City Hall Denver, The Alley Cat Cafe, Medicine for the Movement Festival, the Artists’ Association of Northern Colorado Gallery, The Community Creative Center of Fort Collins, and more.   Sage is also a cartoonist, which he has been most his life. He enjoys making comics about talking animals with a bit of social and political satire thrown in. If this wasn’t enough, Sage can blur many different genres and styles in one composition, and incorporate heavy improvisation, so you never know what to expect. Sage’s favorite medium is pen and ink, although he also works with paint, pencils, charcoal, and digital. Sage is also an active member of various grassroots and traditional art groups such as CAVA (Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists) and the AANC (Artists Association of Northern Colorado). Be sure to be on the lookout for this up and coming Colorado artist!